Adult Education


Adult Sunday School


Join us on Sundays during our coffee hour (between the two services, we usually start about 10:10 a.m.) as we deepen our prayer lives and learn about each other, life, and God.


Weekday Offerings


Bible Study


Join us on Thursday mornings at 11 for our co-ed gathering of the faithful!  The Thursday morning Bible Study will soon be starting a new study. On February 14th we start 1st, 2nd 3rd John. In this we see God and love cannot be separated. John's 3 letters will show how this works. Valentine's day is the perfect day for learning the love of God.

Then we will return to the Old Testament. We will be studying the book of Daniel.  This will be an interesting journey. There are six stories found in chapters 1 - 6 and 4 visions in chapters 7 - 12.  Daniel was written to help us as God's people to obey and trust our God. 

So bring your favorite Bible or use one of our pew Bibles and join us at 11:00 am on Thursdays. There is always a chair available for you.

Lynda Barnes and George Blake