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January 20- Godly Play

Godly Play

Godly Play, our Sunday School offering for Children, involves the telling of a biblical story and then gives the children some work time, or time to reflect on the story. Godly Play is Montessori based and is a great program that allows the children to learn the story in a hands on way. At St. Teresa's, Godly Play is offered in the classroom at the back of the Parish Hall during the 10 o’clock hour. We’d love to have more volunteers as well. Just let Meg know if you’d be interested.

Last Week's Godly Play Story


We told the story of Baptism. We walk through learning about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit and we learn a symbol for each. Then we learn what happens during baptism. We baptize a baby doll and anoint it with oil. We even get a candle for each person in the room to remember their baptism.

Thinking about the Summer?

Camp Mikell

Summer sessions at Camp Mikell are a week long for each age group. Find out more about each session here and the rates here. You can sign up for camp here.  

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