Youth News for the week of 1/16


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January 16- DIVE

January 18- Men's Extension

January 20- Sunday School, EYC

February 3- Flag Football Tournament

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February 15-17- Happening (deadline to register Feb. 2)



Our High School group on Wednesday nights meets from 7:15-8:15. We meet every other week. The meetings for January are the 16th and the 30th.

Men's Extension

The youth will be cooking dinner for the Men's Extension on January 18th. We will meet at the church at 5. We should be back to the church around 7:30. If you would like to come, donate food, or help drive, please email Meg.

Sunday School

6th-12 grade meets in the youth room at 10am to talk about the lessons for the week and how they can relate to our lives.


EYC is our Sunday Night programming where we talk about our faith, and how that impacts the world. Middle School EYC meets from 4-5:30. High School EYC meets from 5-6:30. Youth should bring a snack to eat during the overlap time. 

Flag Football Tournament

St. Teresa's Youth are invited to a Convocation wide Flag Football tournament. That means we'll play as a team against other Episcopal youth groups around Marietta. The Tournament is Saturday, Feb. 2nd. at East Cobb Park from 1-4pm. We will meet at the church at 12 to carpool to the park. Youth are asked to bring 3-5 food items to donate to MUST Ministries.

Please let Meg know if you will be coming, or if you would like to help drive.


Happening is a spiritual renewal weekend for High School youth, led by High School youth. The weekend focuses on growing closer in your own faith by listening to talks, and reflecting in small groups. Second semester freshman and up can go to the weekend (Feb. 15-17). The weekend takes place at Camp Mikell in Toccoa, Ga. The weekend costs $100. Meg will be there for the whole weekend and she'd love to answer any questions you may have. Sign up here by Feb. 2.

Review of Last Week's Topics

Sunday School

The Gospel this week focused on Jesus' baptism. John the Baptist baptized people before, but when he baptized Jesus, the Holy Spirit was there. This was a new addition. We compared this to having things that are fake, and having things that are genuine. People almost always choose the one that is genuine.


We learned about Sacraments. As you remember from the sermon, sacraments are outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace given by Christ as sure and certain means by which we receive that grace. (That's in the Book of Common Prayer if you forget.) We learned that the big sacraments are Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist. The Episcopal church also believes in reconciliation, marriage, holy orders, unction and confirmation. We identified the outward and inward signs of each sacrament.


We talked about the phrase "born again." Some of our youth have heard it around school, and some here it more as "have you been saved?" We talked about why we don't use it in the Episcopal Church. The middle school group enjoyed thinking about this and thinking about their views on heaven. The high school group talked more about how Jesus was in heaven, descended to the earth, and ascended back to heaven. This shows how he is fully human, and fully divine.

Thinking about the Summer?

Camp Mikell

Summer sessions at Camp Mikell are a week long for each age group. Find out more about each session here and the rates here. You can sign up for camp here

Summer Mission Trip

We will be participating in atlSERVE with the diocese again this year. We hope to go on a bigger mission trip in the Summer of 2020. 

Middle and High Schoolers can go on the Summer Mission Trip. You can register here.

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For more information about Youth Programming, contact Meg Jones, Youth & Children's Minister