What should you expect on Sundays?


Sunday is traditionally when Christians gather for worship.  The principal weekly worship service is the Holy Eucharist, also know as:  The Lord's Supper, the divine Liturgy, Holy Communion, or Mass.  Eucharist is simply the Greek word for 'thanksgiving'.  Both of our Sunday services include Holy Eucharist as part of the liturgy.

What is liturgy?  Liturgy is one of the words we use to describe our worship service - it refers to the actual words we use to worship with and comes from the Episcopal Church's 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  Basically, it refers to the type or style of the worship service.

Is there a dress code for services?  No - God welcomes those in blue jeans the same way He welcomes those in a suit and tie, and that means we'll welcome you too.

Can you bring your kids?  You bet - God loves the sound of children's voices, and so do we.  (If you're wondering, we do provide nursery care during both our 9 and 11 services.)

Our two services (9:00 and 11:00) are the same, except at 11 we have a choir, which means that we sing a bit more boldly at the later service.  We use the liturgy from our Book of Common Prayer, and we celebrate the liturgical seasons, doing our best to live fully into our faith.

We are a loving, noisy and caring community - a community filled with the sense of family and belonging.  We love each other and we love our children, and we welcome everyone to worship with us.  We strive to make our worship meaningful - and just as important - as easy as possible.  We use a combination of bulletins and hymnals during our services.  What's a bulletin?  It is your guide for worshiping with us.  What is a hymnal?  It's our music book.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to worship - there is only what works best for you individually.  The focus is on God.  You can simply sit and observe or you can join in and participate.  When it is time for Holy Eucharist, we welcome all at our table, to partake of the sacrament of Holy Eucharist and to deepen your relationship with God.  God isn't for the few or the privileged. God is for everyone.  Come and join us!