Reports & Governance

Church Leadership

The Episcopal Church business model is one of transparency and availability.  Our Vestry functions in the same capacity as a Board of Directors, with Vestry Members elected at our Annual Meeting. Our Senior and Junior Wardens work with our Rector in the overall oversight of our parish, including our buildings and grounds. Good stewardship and communication are key to a healthy church.  If you have questions regarding our Annual Report or our Financials that are contained therein, please contact our Vestry. If you call the church, we can get you in touch.


Meet our Vestry

From left to right, Pat Holloway (Sr. Warden), Laura Skinner, Jonathan Curtis, Jackie Cooley, Jim Beddow, Keith Limardo (Jr. Warden), Chuck Mueller and Denny Stamm.  Absent from our group photo is David Lawrence.

Vestry elections for new vestry members will take place in January 2020.  If you are interested in becoming a vestry member, please contact Pat Holloway.